Student-Created Websites as Useful Forums for Reporting on Historical Research

History research paper websites. Extensive List of Credibile Websites, Newspapers, Journals

Here are a few sources of images for these purposes.

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Study to understand new pieces and composers; understanding is the first step toward liking a new work. Smithsonian Archives of American Art : Listen to oral history interviews and browse the collections here.

Census Bureau : Go directly to the U. Paragraph organization. Other projects, many created by libraries and publishers, also exist.

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The Peace Process : Layers of Meaning: Contains 1 Layers of Meaning Online Directory Lomond : a select, authorative archive of all extant interviews of key figures in the Peace Process in Northern Ireland, and 2 The Peace Portal: a guide to other online resources relating to the history of conflict and peace-making in Northern Ireland.

Nevertheless, we need to communicate about music and our experiences in hearing, playing, and studying it. Of course, there is much to be said for effective descriptions of particular things that take place in a piece of music. Help is available from a variety of sources; here are a few suggestions. Even when artists treat autobiographical subjects, they are most likely to do application letter for employment as a doctor literature review for law dissertation ways that reflect considerable imagination, if not downright deception.

An unfortunately frequent type of conclusion in student papers observes, for example, that Beethoven was one of the greatest composers who ever lived, that everyone should know his music, and history research paper websites his works will continue to be played and appreciated as long as civilization lasts.

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Your textbook has an accompanying set of three CDs with recordings in MP3 format selected for your class use. Are they presented in the best order? Examples of primary resources include scholarly research articles, books, and diaries.

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Plagiarism includes not only failing to identify quotations but also neglecting to acknowledge and cite sources for information and ideas. A third cohort felt proud of creating a digital artifact that will have a lasting presence, something they could reference in their future internship and job applications, and that I would use to teach future students.

There are many types of writing about music, each with particular requirements of content and style. Naturally, some challenges arose. It is important to go beyond such basic reference books, of course. You might want to see if your college or university has a writing lab, especially if English is your second language. For the earlier periods in the Western musical tradition a basic understanding of the church modes and the principles of intervallic consonance and dissonance provide the foundations for harmonic analysis.

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For musical terms, the best dictionary is the Harvard Dictionary of Music 4th editionin print or online. Immigration Records : The National Archives explains its lists of immigration records from LouisianaPhiladelphia and more.

A performance review or critical essay allows the expression of personal judgments, but it also demands especially clear and well-argued reasoning. Thus, readers of primary scholarly research should have foundational knowledge of the subject area.


You probably already use Google Images and possibly Flickrbut if not you should check them out. This theoretical approach is not generally appropriate for music other than that of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, however. Texas Heritage Online : Find online versions of historical documents relating to Texas history.

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This was followed by a second series, The Norton Introduction to Music History, in a more up-to-date format, and even more recently by a highly readable set of short volumes under the collective title Western Music in Context: A Norton History.

History Online : Produced by the Institute of Historical Research, this website aims to provide a guide to high-quality information resources for the teaching and learning of history. How do I find help with writing about music? Finally, a word of warning: Avoid such materials as program notes and recording notes or internet websites as sources for information or critical judgments.

I had several other goals. Some acknowledged that they had mixed feelings at first about this project and felt intimidated by the unfamiliar technology. In outlining, try to make sure that each outline entry has real content; a good way to do this is to make a sentence outline, in which each entry is a complete sentence with its own subject and verb.

Secondary Sources

Analysis should eventually lead to broader and deeper insights about a work. Ask your librarians and professors. Use the bibliographies at the end of Grove Music Online entries. Implementation By research proposal help online stage, each team had a blank website, a topic, a timeline, and a plan. Barkley, K. The Quest for Immortality: Treasures of Ancient Egypt : View selected objects and take a virtual tour to see ancient artifacts from Egypt.

Many resembled the issues typical for a traditional undergraduate research project, like students needing guidance locating appropriate primary and secondary sources. You use it to look up call numbers, access course reserves, see if the material you need is available, and so on.

Census Read original census reports from as far back as the s.

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Of course, many recordings are only available on physical media: CD, LP, cassette tape, and so on. The National Library of Ireland : The National Library of Ireland boasts a special collection that features documents and manuscripts that go back almost 1, years.

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How do I find books on music? Martin Luther King, Jr. Many more periodical indexes are published, including those for related disciplines such as performing arts, humanities, and education.

  1. Guide to Research and Writing in Music History
  2. Many students like using a citation manager, such as RefWorks.
  3. Do the paragraphs lead logically from each to the next?
  4. If you need to use hard copy, look up the call number in your library catalog.

Otherwise any connections between them will seem accidental, and their differences will be meaningless.