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The negation "must not" has a stronger meaning the effect is to apply the logical negation to the following infinitive rather than to the full clause with must. In English, these are yes and no respectively, in French oui, si and non, in Swedish ja, jo and nej, and so on.

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Here is the essential list of things you must understand about double negatives. Nunca va a ese restaurante.

Spanish Lesson 59 - NEGATIVE SENTENCES in Spanish NEGATION in Spanish NEGATIVE WORDS

Spanish takeaways Sino is a mildly formal but elegant way to provide a non-obvious alternative to a negative statement, without having to start a new sentence. English: Alba always studies at night.

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Starting with sino. Do you have any problems?

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For examples see antiphrasis and sarcasm. English: There is someone over there that can help you. Time to sail back home. We are not planning a trip.

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If no such verb is present then the dummy auxiliary do does, did is introduced — see do-support. Again, when you ask a question it is positive: English: Did you say something? Sin English meaning: Without This false friend has nothing to do with acts against God.

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No, Ella no los debe estudiar. The feminine singular form is ninguna. English meaning: Is anyone here?

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How do you remember not to use double negatives? I will not negative statements in spanish a cake.

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No hay ningun problema.

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