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Her professional career includes appointments as high school science and maths teacher, teacher educator William Pitcher college, Swaziland and University of Swazilandlecturer and professor in chemistry and chemistry education on access programmes and subsequently teacher education at Wits University and science education research at Wits University.

Well done! Also, the specialized academic community is not too numerous so you might run the risk write an application letter to a company you want to apply having your submission being sent by different journals to one and the same referee. Rewriting material If, for example, you are rewriting a conference paper, which required a very compact and more dialogical style of presentation, communicating directly and clearly to an audience within a very short time span, your article will now have to be geared towards an audience of readers.

Perhaps approach the series editor directly via email or letter.

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Selecting a journal also allows you to tailor the paper to the specific requirements of publishing thesis in journal journal. Thus, the purpose of a dissertation is to demonstrate how much you know, which leads to a general tendency towards presenting everything that you know about the topic in a dissertation.

Furthermore, peer review is an integral component of publication. If you intend to lift a certain section out of your PhD to submit it to a journal as an article, be aware that you might need to recontextualize the piece. Publishing your dissertation in a journal is, therefore, going to require more work but it can also make you a published author!

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Marketable: Are there potential customers? However, journal articles include a limited number of citations, and the reference section includes only works that have been cited within the article. If your PhD thesis is publicly available through the WUR Library, this software will flag your manuscript as potentially plagiarised.

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However, if you plan to submit manuscripts to journals after your thesis has been submitted, you may need to have an embargo placed on your thesis. Or, there were sections in your PhD which didn't fit into the whole of your dissertation, but which could make for interesting pieces to be published as separate items.

In some areas, journal articles may be more effective: seek advice from your examiners and supervisor about this. In either case, both documents require a focused approach to demonstrate an understanding of your chosen research area. Study the editorial policies of the relevant journals: some are more restrictive than others e.

Try to make the style smoother and more elegant.

Is it scholars, critics or theorists? They follow different styles and set very different expectations. But even if they are not, avoid sending around one particular article to different journals.

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Some journals actually specify the a research paper writing number of references that can be included. To begin with, it is important to understand the difference between a thesis and a journal article.

Ensure that your title matches the contents of your paper.

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First, it is generally a good practice to reference or acknowledge the thesis. Thesis by publication: It consists of papers that have already been published in a journal. In order to shorten your text, extract the data that answers just one research question. Similarly, always inform journals that some research contained within a thesis or dissertation was published either in a print-only version or in an online repository.

Look at your reference list.

She is currently also working at the Univerisites of Pretoria and Johannesburg. Do not make the mistake of repeating your results in this section.

References: Dissertations typically have an exhaustive list of citations, sometimes, even a bibliography. Current or recent graduate students understand the time and effort required to successfully complete their research program.

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A good thesis requires a lot of meticulous work. The readership of a published academic book is, the publisher will hope, greater than three, so you consequently need to alter its style and custom dissertation writing, to pitch it so that a wider albeit probably still academic readership can easily understand it. She is currently also working at the Univerisites of Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Perhaps this list would welcome your research: find out as much as you can, from the books themselves and from general statements on dedicated webpages, about the list editor's publication policy.

Use your data to tell a abstract reasoning online exam story and avoid sweeping conclusions your data cannot support.

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You should be aware what they have already said, and what is yet to be said on the subject, so that the production of knowledge can progress and be innovative rather than stagnant and repetitive.

Awareness of audience Depending on the journal, collection or newspaper which has offered you to publish your article, ask yourself who is your audience: who are you writing for?

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However, the structure of it is different from that of a research article. This should be done by selecting and rewriting content from the thesis, not by copying and pasting.

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Whatever the title, extensive research projects are organized into a final document. It is important to recognize that an article is much shorter than the thesis. You may, depending on the publisher, be able to retain the chapter order of your thesis with the critical survey presumably first: even so, try and make it more appealing.

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Or, you might for example have an opportunity to publish a book-review in a non-academic context, a newspapers or a magazine, in which case you must adjust your writing style and the content of your piece to an entirely non-specialized public. Don't rely on being an entirely original genius, but engage in a written discussion with your colleagues, respecting and responding to all the great ideas that are already in circulation.

The more accurately you target the publisher, the less likely you are to get rejected, so when selecting one consider the following points: Did your supervisor or examiners suggest a publisher?

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Is it a trusted journal? What makes your argument or research interesting? Follow it up. Check these journal selection guidelines now! The discussion in your paper will be much more focused than in your thesis. Does your department or university have links to a publisher or even run a university press itself?

Did they provide a named contact?

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Thesis statement macbeth supernatural discussion section of a journal paper should be clear and to-the-point. Do not make the mistake of repeating your results in this section. According to COPE guidelineswhen thesis contains original unpublished work, it should not be considered as prior publication.

Again, not a very comfortable scenario — avoid it.

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Unless you wrote your PhD dissertation in a style that won't require much rewriting in order to transform it into a publishable product, it is obviously easier and faster to produce an impressive list of articles rather than books.

If they don't, ask them given that they may be operating to a tight timetable, check when is a good time to go through this with them. These articles are expected to follow a specific formatand include a concise literature review, a controlled presentation of methods, only the main findings, and a succinct discussion section. Most importantly, remember to reference your thesis in the article and mention in the cover letter that the article is based on your thesis.

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However, it is by no means an easy task and requires a lot of care and effort. The critiques of your committee will often mirror the potential concerns of your peer reviewers. Why you might need an embargo Most scientific journals use plagiarism-detection software on new submissions. Get someone to edit it for language and spelling.

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While a dissertation can run up to a few pages and has around 20, words, a journal article can be anywhere between words, depending on the field and the journal. Whereas a conference paper can allow for a certain degree of loose ends, an article will need to be far more conclusive and polished.

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  • Homing in on that publisher is not always a straightforward process and you may have to go through one or more rejections before getting accepted.

Make sure that it is clear: your adopted or developed methodology and theoretical framework may be over-familiar and crystal clear to you, but your readers may not find it so — you will help your book and your readers if you try to express even the most complicated theoretical relationships as clearly as possible yes, Lacanians, we want to understand as well as admire you!

Introduction: A thesis usually has a more detailed introduction as students demonstrate their familiarity with the existing literature through an exhaustive literature review.

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Once you have informed yourself about what is generally known by your particular readership, you will know exactly what to include and what to omit.

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