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For example, the CONSORT criteria for reporting randomized controlled trials require: participants, interventions, objective, outcome, randomization, blinding. It should be engaging, but be cautious with too much use of humor as this can become tiresome and distracting.

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Keep abbreviations to a minimum and include something visual, such as an illustration or reaction scheme, to ensure there is something eyecatching. It is common to supply a box outline in which the abstract must be typed or printed in a camera ready format.

The Conference Abstract While some of the presenters at a conference are invited to participate, most "apply" for the privilege of presenting their work.

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Details of the Poster Part of the Assignment: You are going to describe your experiment and present the results in the form of a poster. Whereas a few select abstracts are typically selected for oral presentation usually 8—10 minutes followed by a short question-and-answer periodthe majority of submitted abstracts will be assigned to poster sessions.

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To learn how to prepare a poster, read Chapters 9 and 10 in "Write Like a Chemist. Ultimately, your abstract and poster should convey your data and ideas. The abstract must conform to the length and formatting specifications set by the organizers.

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Specific skills are required to summarize large amounts of scientific text and data into a few sentences that still adequately set the scene and convey the appropriate message. The restriction on the number of words, the format, and the deadline for receipt will be given by the conference organizers. First, having something accepted for presentation is often the only way your department writing an abstract for a poster reimburse your trip to the meeting.

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Abstract for an Original Research Study Title: 10—12 words describing what was investigated and how Authors and Affiliations: The most involved is first with the most senior last. References are generally not included on abstracts.

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  • The physical appearance of your poster can be a double-edged sword.

It is redundant, because a poster is already a succinct description of your work. The critical first step is to pick something that interests you.

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Disclosures are often included here as well. Follow these principles and your abstract and poster will be an effective tool for communication, networking, and professional growth.

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Late work will not be accepted. The remaining sections of the abstract are discussed in the figure.

Tips for Your Poster: Writing a Conference Abstract (1) :: Education :: ChemistryViews Checklist and Sample Abstract : a one-pager that focuses on the qualities of a good abstract. Your poster will have the following sections: introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusions and references.

For example, many meetings will allow you to present data that were already presented at a regional meeting but not data that were previously presented at another national meeting. Finally, it can be invaluable to read published abstracts from the last meeting and to talk with prior presenters to get a sense of the types of abstracts that are accepted.

Well-designed figures can many times help explain complex methods or results and allow you to eliminate crowded text.

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These are measurable behaviors that the learner should be able to perform after reviewing your poster. Therefore, you may find it most helpful to review the figures alongside examples of previously accepted abstracts.

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You are to use the organizational structure developed in Chapter 8 of "Write Like a Chemist". Do not say "We present the results of our study and recommendations for action" - tell them what you found and recommend! For original research, hopefully your level of interest was a consideration at the beginning of the project, although how anxious you are to work on the submission may be a good barometer for your true investment in the project.

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Additional Notes: Any chemical structures should be incorporated into your paper either as scanned images, legally downloaded graphics either from the public domain or cited with a computer writing or drawn using chemical drawing software such as the ChemSketch freeware which is available for download from the internet.

Briefly explain the methods. However, there are some very simple things that you can do to help yourself get through what can be a challenging experience.

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There are also guidelines that exist for evaluating conference abstracts that may be informative, such as the CORE guidelines for observational studies. For casual readers this may be the only part of your presentation that is seen.

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For this reason, the conference abstract is a very important document. By streamlining your methods and results sections, you can also avoid having your audience gloss over important elements of your data and conclusions.

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This is the actual template we use to generate the posters that we present at conferences. The key to success is to leave writing an abstract for a poster time as there are often unavoidable and unplanned technical issues with the online submission that you will confront.

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Relevant statistics such as odds ratios, confidence intervals, and p values for key outcomes should be included. A general format is provided in Table 4.

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Download preview PDF. The physical appearance of your poster can be a double-edged sword. Generally, the material is prepared on a PowerPoint or equivalent slide and this is given to the production facility.

In an oral presentation, the author gives a talk which is often minutes in length depending on the conference these could be longer.

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